“Go Away, Big Green Monster”

I consider books and storytelling the backbone of my class. Without them kids just wouldn’t grow as much, nor construct so much meaningful language and interactions.

I’m starting a series of posts about books that I love to read and to teach at school; books I absolutely MUST have and cannot go through the year without sharing them with my students.

I’ll be posting ideas and links to resources in each of these posts.

This is the first in the series of posts, so let’s get down to it:

“Go Away, Big, Green Monster”

By Ed Emberley

Go Away Big Green Monster

Why do I love this book? First of all…Who doesn’t like books about monsters?

They have a universal appeal. A book has to speak to me first before I can read  it to my class and this book has it all: Beautiful and funny illustrations, repetitive phrases, vocabulary, humor, and a great chance to dive into some Interactive Reading.

So I can start by saying that I really love books that empower children. In this book the monster slowly appears, each part of the face showing up in big colorful drawings. When the monster is complete, the children start imagining him away:  “Go Away, Big, Green Monster”.

As each part of the face “goes away”….PUUFF! Kids start cracking up and readily dive into the storytelling if you let them participate.

This is a great moment to have some Interactive Reading, let the children shout out each order: “Go Away Ears”, “Go Away Mouth”… and go “Puuuf!” every time something disappears.


For English Language Learners (ELL) it’s a great way to teach or review basic vocabulary and adjectives because it gives the children a chance to interact with words in a meaningful way. After working with this book, children will be much more likely to remember and be able to use these words later on in day-to-day situations.

You can order it from Amazon or find it at your local library

You can also link to KizClub for the free Story Prop so kids and teachers can reenact out the story in follow up activities. It’s a great website full of free, downloads and activities.

Go Away Big Green Monster Props

An example of such activity I like to do with my 5-year-olds after reading this story is to have them create their own imaginary monster. I encourage theirs to be different to the one in the book, to have as many eyes, mouths and arms as they like and finally to name it.

They end up creating such amazing and crazy drawings that it becomes also a great way to have them laugh away their own bedtime fears and tell them to “Go Away”.

I really hope you have to enjoy this book as much as my kids and I do.

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  1. Thank you for the article! Now I’m dying to read ‘Go away, Big Green Monster!’



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